National Associations for Elimination Disorders

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Assessment Tools for Elimination Disorders

Voiding History (National Kidney Foundation®)

Diagnosis & Treatment of Elimination Disorders

Elimination Disorders Clinical Trails
Encopresis Clinical Trails
Enuresis Clinical Trails
Stool Incontinence in Children (Encopresis) (Merck Manual)
Urinary Incontinence in Adults (Merck Manual)
Urinary Incontinence in Children (Enuresis) (Merck Manual)

Evidence Based Practices for Elimination Disorders

Nocturnal Enuresis Star Charts (NCBI)

General Information on Elimination Disorders

Bed-Wetting (National Kidney Foundation®)
Bedwetting (ASA)
Bedwetting (MedlinePlus)
Bowel Incontinence (MedlinePlus)
Elimination Disorders (DSM® Library)
Encopresis (Soiling) (KidsHealth)
Prevalence of Enuresis and Its Association with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Among …
Soiling (Encopresis)
What is Bed-Wetting? (Urology Care Foundation)