Join the FACE-IT Academy

Funded by a grant from the Community Grants Funds of Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc.

The purpose of the FACE-IT Academy is to strengthen Cumberland County’s ability to respond to the human, physical and financial impacts of substance abuse and addiction.

NOTE: We do not have an Academy scheduled at this time.

The FACE-IT! Academy is seeking individuals who may be:

  • First responders or others who are likely to come into regular contact with individuals with substance use disorders
  • Individuals working within any organization that serves individuals with substance use disorders in a community or institutional setting
  • Persons holding a position of influence within a private, public or governmental setting that may be able to use this training to inform or influence policies and practices that prevent substance use, reduce stigma and/or enhance opportunities for those with substance use disorders
  • Individuals who are willing and able to actively and regularly participate in Academy sessions as well as commit to completing their member project, and who can participate effectively within a collaborative setting.
  • Persons who able to receive documented support by their agency or supervisor to ensure their participation in the Academy.

This training program is not intended for individuals whose interest in the Academy is to seek help for themselves or a loved one.

Members of the Academy will:

  • evaluate community wide impacts of substance abuse;
  • assist in developing stigma reduction activities;
  • enhance intervention and treatment opportunities for those suffering from and affected by substance use disorders; and
  • assume a community leadership role with policy and decision-makers to foster positive change.

Scope of Participation

  • Participants will complete a two day, 12 hour training program organized to enhance understanding of science-based perspectives of substance abuse and recovery.
  • Participants develop a personal plan to promote community efforts to reduce stigma and enhance supports for substance abusers and their families.
  • Academy members will participate in five additional days of trainings in the first year of the project to review progress, enhance understanding of community needs and issues and receive support and consultation to improve personal efforts.
  • Participate in four training/technical assistance days in the second year of the project.
  • This FACE-IT Academy class will cover 24 months.


  • Attend all training sessions.
  • Design and develop a project with an evaluation plan, and report your progress at the end of the academy
  • Participate in team meetings