What We Do

The NC EBP Center supports behavioral health services in North Carolina communities and beyond, providing learning resources combined with clinical and administrative training in evidence based practices at either our site or yours.

Our Purpose is to create better behavioral healthcare through the dissemination and implementation of evidence based practices.

Our Vision is to be THE leader in improving health care by translating behavioral health evidence based practices into action.

Our Goal is to promote the use of evidence based practices as the standard of behavioral healthcare.

People who live with mental illness and their families and communities benefit from effective treatment and services. Evidence based practices provide a number of benefits:

For consumers, evidence based practices:

  1. Enhance meaningful recovery
  2. Reduce symptoms
  3. Improve quality of life

For clinicians, evidence-based practices:

  1. Provide a pathway to positive outcomes (e.g., employment, reduced hospitalization, etc.)
  2. Offer a scientific foundation for specific interventions with specific populations
  3. Increase consumer satisfaction

For program leaders, evidence-based practices:

  1. Deliver easily monitored results through fidelity measures and outcome studies
  2. Create positive consumer outcomes for a program

For administrators, evidence based practices:

  1. Offer research-based interventions that can dramatically improve outcomes
  2. Provide a means to achieve quality services (cost-savings and better outcomes) and accountability