SAMHSA Evidence Based Toolkits

The Evidence Based Practices Toolkits have evolved over the last couple of decades. Research in the field of mental health has shown that some specific practices are effective in improving outcomes in the lives of people with serious mental illness.

Our training program offers evidence based practice toolkits developed and endorsed by nationally recognized experts. These programs prepare mental health clinicians and other service providers to implement the evidence based models (modalities) shown by research to be effective in treating patients with severe and persistent mental illness. These practices are:

ADULTSFamily Psychoeducation Integrated Dual Disorder TreatmentWellness (Illness) Management and Recovery

CHILDREN AND FAMILIESHow Do I Get a Toolkit?To get the full benefit of these toolkits, we recommend that you contact us regarding training or consultation opportunities, which are offered in various locations throughout North Carolina. Toolkits and other training materials are provided with these classes. Some of the offered toolkits information are also available on the SAMHSA website.