Supporter / Vendor Application

Supporter / Vendor Application

-North Carolina Community Health Workers Summit-“CHWs, The Trusted Messengers Among Communities & Health”
Friday December 2, 2022

Dear Supporter,
We are excited about the upcoming opportunity to convene CHWs, CHW supervisors, CHW employers, and CHW allies as a statewide community. We anticipate that the impact of connecting local and regional networks to each other during the 2022 NC CHW Summit will accelerate the spread of the workforce and models.
We are seeking support for the program to ensure every CHW who wants to attend can do so free of charge and support in person regional hub gatherings during the summit. The overall goals of the 2022 Summit are to raise awareness about CHWs and CHW models of care; lift and celebrate CHWs; support ongoing training and professional development of CHWs; and provide an opportunity for networking among CHWs, CHW supervisor, CHW employers and allies. We are seeking a wide range of sponsorships as part of achieving these goals and building and strengthening a statewide network. Any unspent funds following the Summit will go towards next year’s Summit budget.


The NC AHEC Program provides and supports educational activities and services with a focus on primary care in rural communities and those with less access to resources to recruit, train, and retain the workforce needed to create a healthy North Carolina.

The North Carolina Community Health Worker Association is the professional home for CHWs across the state.

Advancing CHW voices is our priority while elevating racial and health equity.


The Community Health Workers Summit will be using WHOVA as its Event Management Software. Please see below what you as a sponsor will get based on the tier level you select. Also, there are a couple videos below for your convenience to view what WHOVA has to offer.

Tier 1 – $250.00 to $500.00

  • Interactive Exhibitor/Donor Profile (Within App & Virtual Platform)
  • Recognized in the event description as tier 1 sponsor
  • Virtual Booth space

Tier 2 – $500 to $999

  • Interactive Exhibitor/Donor Profile (Within App & Virtual Platform)
  • Recognized in the event description as tier 2 sponsor
  • Group push notification thanking all tier 2 sponsors
  • Virtual Booth space

Tier 3 – $1000.00 – $2499.00

  • Recognized in event description as tier 3 sponsor
  • 1 Push notification per day
  • Passport contest option
  • Virtual Booth space
  • Session Sponsorship options for 1 session

Tier 4 – $2500.00 to $5000.00

  • Interactive Sponsor & Exhibitor/Donor Profile (Within App & Virtual Platform)
  • Ad Banners throughout the Mobile App & Virtual Platform
  • Recognized in event description and newsletter as tier 4 sponsor
  • Recognized again in a post event communication/email as a tier 4 sponsor
  • 2 (or 1 depending on your preference) push notifications per day
  • Passport contest option to encourage booth traffic
  • Virtual Booth space
  • Session Sponsorship for Keynote/main sessions

How To Pay

All payments must be paired with a Supporter Application. Please see the below links for English and Spanish Versions of the Supporter Application. You may submit your application to Ashley Diehm , Registrar by mail, fax, or email to:

Southern Regional Area Health Education Center

Ashley Diehm , Registrar

1601 Owen Dr.

Fayetteville, NC 28304

Phone: (910) 678-7226

Fax: (910)323-0674


Methods of Payment

If you would like to be a Supporter / Vender you can submit your payments by; mailing checks with your completed application to the above address, calling in to Ashley Diehm (910) 678-7226 (email completed application to, or pay online by clicking HERE.


Supporter / Vendor Application

Aplicación de Apoyo/Vendedor

Instructions on how to submit a Sponsorship payment.

Step 1

Go to the Supporters / Vendors Application Website. (Currently the page being viewed)

Step 2

Scroll Down to the “Methods of Payment” section and click the blue “HERE” text to pay online.

Step 3

The Southern Regional CHW Summit Supporter / Vendors Sponsor Page will appear. Click the drop down menu to select the tier level.

Step 4

To the right of the drop down menu (once you select the tier level) you will see the “Event / Track Fees”, click the radio button for the amount you would like to donate.

Step 5

Log into your MyAHEC account to pay. If you do not have a MyAHEC account please proceed to the next step. You will need to click the blue hyper link “MyAHEC account”.

Step 6

If you do not have a MYAHEC account please register by accepting the terms and conditions by selecting the “I Agree” radio button.

Step 7

To complete the process you will be asked a few verification questions. When prompted for a SSN, please use the number “0000”. You may procced to pay.

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